Venture Retrocade – Custom Theme


The Venture Retrocade is a home retrogaming console built into a durable, portable, fully customizable arcade joystick.

If you would like us to build you a personalized Venture with your own choice of artwork, controls, and colors, this is the product you would purchase to begin the process.



Powered by an integrated Raspberry Pi microcomputer, the Venture features a strong custom chassis with professional-grade competition arcade controls. The various computer ports are accessible from the exterior using a proprietary panel mount plate, also designed by Valley Arcade.

The Venture can be personalized with your choice of artwork and colors to create your own theme. The artwork is layered beneath and protected by a transparent, impact-resistant cover installed over the control panel.

The Venture connects to your TV or computer display, and can easily play thousands of classic arcade and home console games, without the need for any additional hardware.


Some features of the Venture Retrocade MkI include:

  • An integrated Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ microcomputer.
  • Onboard Wifi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Genuine Sanwa arcade controls, arguably the best and most responsive professional-grade competition arcade controls available. Lighted LED arcade controls are also available.
  • 1 joystick and 10 buttons, allowing tremendous flexibility for configuring your Venture as desired. For example, the 2 side buttons can be used to make playing pinball games feel more authentic.
  • 4 USB slots for adding more controllers, a keyboard and mouse, or other accessories.
  • Custom artwork which can be selected by the client. Visit our Cover Gallery for ideas, or submit your own image and we’ll build a custom theme for you.
  • A durable impact-resistant acrylic cover over the control surface, ensuring the custom artwork layered underneath remains protected.
  • A proprietary panel mount system which allows the Pi’s various ports to be accessed externally while maintaining a clean, professional look.
  • A built-in power/reset button for use with Retropie’s GPIO safe shutdown script.
  • Optional activity LED and 30mm fan included for overclocking if desired.
  • 3.5mm audio jack can be used for speakers or a headset instead of HDMI audio.
  • Upgraded 2-prong power adapter (U.S.). If needed, R-Pi adapters for use in other countries are inexpensive and widely available online.
  • A compact unit that is stable and portable, yet has enough space to provide a comfortable control surface for both hands.
  • A thick, rugged ABS plastic shell. Unlike the 3D-printed or laser cut builds found everywhere that are screwed or even glued together, the Venture’s strong enclosure is designed for industrial applications. The Venture is built to withstand those vigorous gaming sessions.
What’s Included?
  • The Venture Retrocade with integrated Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Power adapter
  • 64GB micro SD card
  • User Guide

Note: The Venture requires an HDMI cable (not included).  The Amazon Basics series of HDMI cables are inexpensive and good quality. I recommend getting one that is at least 10 feet long.

Besides a TV or monitor to play it on, no other hardware is needed.