Venture Cover Art

When you place a custom order for one of our Venture Retrocades, you have the choice of either selecting one of our existing themes, or you can submit your own artwork and we’ll be happy to create a theme for you.

This gallery is intended to give you some ideas for your own device. As you can see, between the artwork and the joystick and button colors, your Venture can be customized in endless ways to suit your wishes.

If you have any suggestions for new themes, please let us know!

Some of Our Favorites

Superheroes and Supervillains

Star Wars



While the game hardly has anything to do with retrogaming, the popularity of Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon. So, I finally gave in to the requests and made some covers.

Since it’s already a pretty large collection, they’re on a separate page.

Fortnite Covers